Six Books

These six books will be available at the Atlanta Zine Fest next Saturday, June 14th [from noon to nine; 364 Nelson Street SW Atlanta GA 30310]. That is, if I can manage to walk down the street.

[Click the links to see the pdfs.]
  1. Forward Looking Statement: 24 pages; 5.5”x8.5”; $2.00; Spring 2014. Found & Lost texts, drawings. Edited by Robyn Chapman & Published by Paper Rocket Mini-Comics.
  2. You Are Here/siarch: 52 pages; 4.25”x5.5”; $3.00; February 2014. Essays, prose sketches, drawings.
  3. Rebuke the Mind & Debride the Flesh: 104 pages; 5.5”x8.5”; $5.00; May 2014. Comics, writing, drawing, self-collage (with footnotes).
  4. Given: 24 pages; 4.25”x5.5”;  $2.00; May 2014. Essays, comics. 
  5. Warm in the Hands of the Ice-Demon: 36 pages; 5.5”x5.75”; $3.00; 1988-89/2014. Short story; juvenilia; one volume of Crawling from the Accident.
  6. Zersetzung [Unabridged]: 64 pages; 5.5”x3”; $2.50; June 2014. Essays, admonitions, prophetic finger-wagging, squint-eyed Panglossian futurism. 
1. Forward Looking Statement

2. You Are Here/siarch
3. Rebuke the Mind & Debride the Flesh
4. Given

5. Warm in the Hands of the Ice-Demon

6. Zersertzung [unabridged]

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